11 destructive Fear that paralyses your Success

 “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.” – Judy Blu me  FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real, yet it

47+ Ultimate Entrepreneurs quote to Overcome challenges time.

Entrepreneur is an individual, group of people, who started a business, develop a skill, from scratch and made it to the top with little or much resources and overcome many obstacles he encounter on his path to success. To be an Entrepreneur you must have passion, perseverance, endurance and vision to accomplish your Goal. These

36 great Bruce Lee Quote that will help you to take action

Martial creator, actor, instructor, film producer and donor, the legendary Lee was arguably the foremost potent martial creator of all time. Bruce Lee’s look in films like Enter the Dragon created him Associate in Nursing picture figure throughout the globe, popularising metropolis martial artists within the Western World and on the far side. several have

24 Good Habits you forget to implement in your daily routine

What you do daily will determine how happy and  fulfilled your tomorrow would be and how productive you would be. In these brief post, I will write tips we should implement in day to day activities. You might be familiar with them, but we failed to utilized them, maybe we forget them or we have not yet mastered or

7 ways to prepare a powerful presentation

This is the challenges aspect of public speaking, because what you’ve practice that’s how you would present it to your audience, and sometimes to get an idea for the presentation is another issue entirely, you might have experienced it that some presenter when presenting to the audience would be repeating a word twice, anxious, stammering

11 tips and tricks to overcome public speaking trauma

As a young boy to speak in a congregation are one of my challenges as a person, I prefer to avoid it all cost, than tospeak in public. Whenever I heard public speaking fear gripped my heart, As if I Am about to face lion in the Lion’s den  I remember my High schools days,

25 Quotes by Dale Carnegie to inspire you

Wow! One of the most 100 influential men In America, Dale Carnegie; he has helped many people to achieve the life they have dream of, his word have heal many soul and bring hope to them. i really love his story, “how he stayed on the farm and commuted on horseback three miles to college

12 things to avoid daily to live a healthy life

Healthy lifestyle are important and are not negotiable, but for us to live an enthusiast and complete life. There are certain things we ought to neglect, forsake and flew away from.  It’s not optional but a must to let go of things that doesn’t add to us but takes away our precious gift, joy and