24 Good Habits you forget to implement in your daily routine

What you do daily will determine how happy and  fulfilled your tomorrow would be and how productive you would be. In these brief post, I will write tips we should implement in day to day activities. You might be familiar with them, but we failed to utilized them, maybe we forget them or we have not yet mastered or

7 ways to prepare a powerful presentation

This is the challenges aspect of public speaking, because what you’ve practice that’s how you would present it to your audience, and sometimes to get an idea for the presentation is another issue entirely, you might have experienced it that some presenter when presenting to the audience would be repeating a word twice, anxious, stammering

11 tips and tricks to overcome public speaking trauma

As a young boy to speak in a congregation are one of my challenges as a person, I prefer to avoid it all cost, than tospeak in public. Whenever I heard public speaking fear gripped my heart, As if I Am about to face lion in the Lion’s den  I remember my High schools days,

25 Quotes by Dale Carnegie to inspire you

Wow! One of the most 100 influential men In America, Dale Carnegie; he has helped many people to achieve the life they have dream of, his word have heal many soul and bring hope to them. i really love his story, “how he stayed on the farm and commuted on horseback three miles to college

12 things to avoid daily to live a healthy life

Healthy lifestyle are important and are not negotiable, but for us to live an enthusiast and complete life. There are certain things we ought to neglect, forsake and flew away from.  It’s not optional but a must to let go of things that doesn’t add to us but takes away our precious gift, joy and

10 reasons everyone must be a public speaker

Since the day we are born, we have encountered many ups and downs, we have experienced many rejections, pain, challenges, loneliness, frustrations, gathered many experiences, and many other emotional circumstances, that in sometimes we want to take away our breathe and have created an experienced in our life i.e, when we get mocked by our

6 ways to let go of the past and focus more on now.

Let go of the past, let go of the painful memories. Don’t miss your chance today of creating beautiful memories for tomorrow. Grown up in an area, family or environment where we are to follow a set norm, whether it’s right for us or not, where those child hood experiences has made us to form an illusion

7 ways to develop your public speaking skills

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. it’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. ”  By: Brian Tracy  Are you a public speaker, teacher or any other professions, in everything we do, we speak to

Never Give up: 6 Reasons you should keep on fighting

When fate hands you a lemon, make a lemonade.         By: Dale Carnegie When the battle of life is so much; will you quit the battle without been a triumphant? When it seems their is no more strenght; won’t you endure more to the end? When hope is lost; Should we give