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9 skill that are hard to learn but will pay off forever.

Confidence: confident is essential in everyday activity of a man. Going to the gym, saying hi to the gorgeous lady on the street, Saying no to people request without hurting their feeling, Letting people realize how we want them to treat us and many others require confidence in our self – in our capability. Failure


HOW TO MONETIZE YOUTUBE ACCOUNT WITH JUST ONE VIDEO How can I monetize my YOUTUBE account? It is when I have many videos? Or when I have more than 300 views before I can monetized my account and get approved by youtube, well just relax and read these article to the end and you will

How to: create a link in a comment box in blogging

how to create a link to your blog in comment box  As a blogger we want to increase the number of traffic of our blog by commenting in others blogger post, in other to gain backlink that will boast our SEO making our blog to gain more audience, and sometimes we are faced with the