7 things that influence your thought and mind daily.

10 things that influence your thought and mind daily.

Sometimes, if you want to change a man’s mind, you have to change the mind of the man next to him first.

Megan Whalen Turner. 

You woke up, feel enthusiast to get to work, to work on your Passion, suddenly! you passed through the sitting room, to get to work ASAP, you glance towards the TV, and you saw a scene that interest you, you quickly sat down on a chair to watch it in detail.

While being carried away with the news, they show a story about a man who lost all is wealth and become bankruptcy due to the wrong decision he had made. The news makes you lose your motivation and you lost interest in doing the online stuff you’ve planned earlier, ending up doing unimportant stuff, and unproductive throughout the day.

What we can learn from this story is that what we watch, see, ear, or say can influence our mood and actions.

To be more productive, reach your goal, and be happy. You must declutter things that are unimportant in your life that could distract you from the right path.

In this post, I will list those things that affect our mood, influence our thought and control our lives.


Music you hear:

The music you hear mostly will determine your mood, when you listen to a cool music, you will feel relaxed, the lyrics of the song will minister to your mind, if the song is sad, you will feel sad,  if sorrow, you will feel sorrow, if happy you will feel happy,  if motivating you will get hyped. The aim of music is to pass out information to the audience, to change people view of the world, the singer passing his message to the audience.


The video you watch:

While music impacts our ear, video impact both the ear and the eye, what you see influence your beliefs more than what you ear, it brings the picture of the event, When you watch some eye-catching YouTube video or some Hollywood video often, you start cultivating/behaving as the actor in the movie.

I watched an America got talent, where a young girl of 11 years old, came to the audition to sing Rihanna song, “Diamond in the sky” song. She was so full of excitement. In a nutshell, she began to sing the song. Everyone was amazed at her performance. The way she sang, move and act exactly like Rihanna, when they asked her, how she was able to win. Her parent said she listens to Rihanna song always and she has mastered every move Rihanna takes.

Ways by which your thought becomes your reality.

Books you read:

Most of the successful people have one thing in common, they read a lot, when you read, it influences your mindset (thinking) the type of book you read will determine how you think, the way you value yourself, what you speak out.

If you read about self-esteem it will help you to know how valuable you are, boost your esteem and helps you think highly of yourself, value yourself more. The more you read it, the more you become confident in yourself.


The people you live with: If you live with a person with a poor mentality, he will give you thousands of reasons why you can’t be successful, how the economy is bad, how your ideas can’t work out, how settling for a lesser life would be the best options, how he failed myriad time,

But if you live with someone with a rich mindset, he will give you the reason why the little you have is enough, how you can leverage a bad economy to an opportunity, how you are the only one responsible for your success or failure.

The environment you live: every environment has their own myth, living in a certain environment for long will make you believe and adapt to their way of thinking.

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Your peer group: your friends, classmate, roommate, coworker, will give you advise, whether you ask or not, they would want you to buy their advice. Want you to do things the way they are doing it.


Your parent: Parents are the first influencer of a child, they are the one who first teaches you how to live life, how to behave in a certain situation, how to respond to people, most of their teachings; still influence our thinking.

Truth be told, for you to be in control of your life, you must question every word you hear, what you see, reflects on them if they have something meaningful to impact to your life.

Make use of those that will impact you and neglect those that don’t contribute positively to you.

That’s when you can have dominion over thought going on in your mind.

What are other things influencing your thought?

Share your opinion with me.

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