9 skill that are hard to learn but will pay off forever.


There are so many habits that are good for our productivity, success, and also make us to be a phenomenon person if we could just implement them into our daily activities and turn it to a daily habit.

Most of the world successful people cultivate half or most of these habits which in other word make them to reach the greater height they wish in life and make them outstanding in every endeavor they are.

If you want to be a thoughtful leader, get respected from friends, family and people as a whole, take notice of these ideas and take action on them daily. In no time you will be that person you have wished to be.

Here are 9 habits that are hard to cultivate yet important for our productivity.

1. Meditation: Every successful people have one thing in common and almost every successful people I had seen, heard, read their book and listen to their podcast or video.

Said, they meditate to clear out the negative thought and to clear their mind and make them to concentrate on important task, clear out poor money mentality and visualize what they want out of every task, every day and every work.

Meditation is a chore, it takes discipline to do them daily, but the result we got from it will have a significant impact in our life, family, business, financial life and health.
Why do people find it hard to do? When it has a great benefit in our life.

2. Listening skill: A good leader must cultivate the habit of listening more; to his followers because they knew what he doesn’t know.

I think it is a good habit not to speak all what we know, we must always speak lesser than we know
To build a good relationship husband must learn to listen to her wife opinion and not thinking he knows it all, vice-versa.

Most times we are not hearing what others are saying – but all we hear is our own voice and the itch to speak –to contribute and to let others heard what we think about the situation on ground.

3. Time Management: As they often said “Time is money” it is greatest human resources –when lost can never be recovered again.

We must spend our time wisely, the time never wait for no man. It’s impartial to both the rich and the poor have the same time to spend, unlike money, but how individual spend their time differ.

We have limited time on earth we must use our valuable time on things that make us productive and fulfilled.

4. Confidence: confident is essential in everyday activity of a man. Going to the gym, saying hi to the gorgeous lady on the street, Saying no to people request without hurting their feeling, Letting people realize how we want them to treat us and many others require confidence in our self – in our capability. Failure to learn it will make us to loss many opportunities, lack many things. And this can make us to develop a low self-esteem.

5. Honesty: In the overcrowded world where everyone is striving to survive, to sell his/her product and where there are many products and competitors.

If we let this to get into our head, we can be telling lies in other to sell our product, produce quantity services that can harm people well-being, do some crazy things that might make us to loss our honesty.

A bad act of a day can spoilt the good act of many years.
In everything we are doing – we must try to protect our integrity. Money cannot buy honesty. Once lost it might be hard to regain.

6. Waking up early: The alarm ring – You snooze it, it rang again — you snooze it. It is quite difficult to wake up early when we are enjoying the sleep and the cool breeze of the morning. But it takes discipline to force oneself to get up and get things done.

This is the most productive time that we can get more done in a lesser time.
No one to disturb, no sound of a moving vehicle, the brains is yet distracted. I have personally found this period as the most productive time for me.

People who are more productive have testify that this is the best time that one can achieve more things done in a lesser time.

7. Public Speaking: People are scared to engage in public speaking — as it is the most fear people has. They even fear public speaking more than the fear of death, but the truth of the matter is public speaking is a good skill we must all Possess.

When you are successful in your field people will ask you to speak on how you make your way to the top, which can bring in an extra income even though that’s not your profession.

There will be a time when you will have to defend your friends, family and you will have to fight for your right, and you need to speak in public to do this.

If you can’t do these you ought to learn it. You have to overcome that demon and speak up, let the world hear your voice, you have something to say.

8. No Whining: Stop complaining about how things are going in your life, how people treat you. Instead Change the people, friends and environment you don’t want and accept those things you can’t change.

Take responsibility for your life and don’t hold people accountable for any outcome for your life.
It might be hard to do, but when you force yourself to do this – it makes you to be independent, reliable and free and be able to make decision.

9. Living in the moment: if you are living in the past you are going to be depressed because you are re-hashing things that happened to you, that are not going to happen again.
If you are living in the future you are going to be anxious, because you are anticipating what is coming, or wishing things that aren’t happening yet.
The best thing to do is to live in the present moment, concentrate on the food you are eating, friends you are with, book you are reading will help you prevent a lot of worry and depression. And that is where happiness lives.

Which other skills are worth learning, that would payoff later?

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