Reasons Why People Failed to Achieve their Dream and how to overcome them

Reasons Why People Failed to Achieve their Dream and how to overcome them

People Failed to Achieve their Dream and how to overcome them

Most often, situations that make us not to fulfill the life we have dreamed for ourself. Are belief that have rooted deeply in our mind and often makes us to believe in the false illusion, though they are not real and stop us from moving out of our comfort zone.

Because of these deep-rooted belief system we find it hard to take a step towards our goal and makes us to look for alternate to console ourselves, but despite these many people have achieved, invent and makes their dream a reality despite the whole world thought it was impossible.

Take heed, the more you leave your dream for other things which are not necessary the more your dream grow more distant from you with time.

There is a green snakes in a green grass behind this, in this post we are going to fish them out and realize how much they have being causing us so much.

1. Lack of vision:

When you don’t have a clear vivid picture of where you are going, any road will get you there. When a traveller doesn’t know where he is going, he will get loss in the middle of the journey. As its often said “Get started”, but you must try to get the clarity for your future along the line. In other not to loss on track.

What to do instead

Visualize the future, imagine what you want your tomorrow to be and live according to it.

2. Fail of failure:

What if I ended up failing, what if they call me a failure if it doesn’t come out fine.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.- Samuel Beckett.

Many successful people have failed many times in their lifetime, but they have one thing in common they succeeded. Why are you afraid to fail when Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before succeeding in inventing a light bulb, J.k Rowling got rejected 12 times before publishing Harry Potter which makes her the richest writer. Why are you now scared to try? Failure is not a disaster as people view it, it’s just the road that people have to follow that leads to success.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan quotes

3. Fear of criticism:

No matter how many times you try to hide the truth, the fact remains. You will be criticized for trying new things or trying to do things in a different way, because most people like to follow the crowd, and if you set yourself apart you will look odd or anomaly to them and try to shake your beliefs.

What to do instead.

Detractors are indirectly telling us the truth which our friends would hide for the sake of not breaking ‘friendship’, but they would tell you frankly because they want to hurt your feeling and make you feel guilty. Examine if what they are saying is truth, if yes; make amends. And move a bit ahead of them. If no; move on don’t take it personal.

Yet they speaks the brunt truth, if you want to grow in life you people criticize as a point of instruction and learn from their word.

4. Lack of commitment:

You have an email to check, friends to visit, Online friends to chat with, film to watch, busy schedule, all this takes much of our time, and make us not to do things that really matters to us and make us not to accomplish our goal and make us to procrastinate.

What to do instead

List things you want to get done daily, list things that are priority to you and those that are not important but take much of your time and set time for each of them and stitch with your plan.

5. No money to sponsor:

Money has stopped many people not to start on their dream and those who have the gut to start aren’t able to manage it, and quit, due to lack of money while those who are enduring are really struggling.

Being a blogger has made me to realize that to make a business grow no matter how large or small it is. Money must be spent to boost the business.

What to do instead

Analyze the amount of money that you would spend on your business, dream, passion for a year, this will help you to know the exact amount you needed. It mightn’t be as huge as you think if you analyze it. Then you can solve the financial issue by

  •         Adjusting the way you spend your money.
  •         A financial assistant from parents or friends.
  •         Saving from your personal income or other means that you know.

6. Feeling too young:

fear as form an illusion in some people’s mindset making them to belittle themselves and thinking that they are too young or have no knowledge to start their dream, it is when they reach certain age or acquire some skill they will try, which in other word they might not start anything when they got to that age or acquire the skill, they are trying to avoid responsibility that’s why they postpone things to the future.

What to do instead:

Anyone can achieve anything at any time, not mindful of age, Sungha Jung a fingerstyle guitarist was already a YouTube sensation with millions of view on YouTube at the age of 13, Cameron Johnson at 11 he started a greeting card company which was earning earn 350, 000 per month making him at least a millionaire at high school.

Age is not a barrier to start chasing and achieving your dream, it is individual mindset that is the barrier. Start now while you feel the itch to start, because later your Passion might fade away and you would struggle to find it.

7. Feeling too old:

Some people later in their life discovers they have being wasting time on things that are not important to them and have now got the clear picture of what they want out of life. But now they feel they are too old and it is impossible to start again, which make them dwelled in regret of not discovering themselves earlier and get stuck to move forward.

What to do instead

So far you’ve realize your true calling in life is worth to be happy about, some never realize themselves till they die. There are many people who followed their passion at old age and yet they succeeded.

Time is still by your side; don’t wait till there is no more time left. There are many people who have proved these wrong that age is not a barrier, it’s what you believe in, they start again with their passion which they have neglected before and turn it to success.

Which points resonates you?

Why do you think people fail to achieve their dream?

What can we do to overcome them?

Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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