How to overcome writers block: advice to newbie and professional bloggers/writer’s


How to overcome writers block: advice to newbie and professional blogger/writers.
If you ask a professional writer that; what is the biggest challenges s/he faced most of times in his Writing career, I guess writers block would be the first and the most he would mentioned. 
These challenges has make many people to lose the hope of becoming a writer/blogger, and eventually give up their lifetime dream.
But in other to conquer this,

Here are Ways to  overcome writers block; This are tips, tricks and method you  can apply.

1. Know the type of niche you belong to:

Are you passionate about helping someone to develop, motivate and inspire them to succeed, if that is you then you fall under self development category
or you want to make money online and you don’t want to be greedy. You want others to also earn a living from online then you belong to Bloggers blog/Money making online niche.
When you’ve realized these earlier you will know who you are writing for (your audience)
You won’t waste your previous time writing on niche you have no or little knowledge about.

2. Don’t belittle an idea

Some idea might drop into your mind. Immediately you think oh this is not what I want to write or it doesn’t makes sense, idea hardly makes sense at first, its you who have to ponder on it to bring out what you needed out of it.

3. Boast your creativity

Writing is a creativity work, you got to think about an imagination, how to bring up sentences together and solve someone problem, you need to fill your brain  with creativity activities like.
  • Listening to music: Music calm our brain and mind, and help us to relax, pick a solemn song, classical music, and any one you like,
  • Gratitude: Ideas flows naturally when we are fill with optimistic mindset, when we are grateful for everything that surrounds us.

4. Exercise:

Early morning exercise would be better or any other day, it doesn’t have to be so much , but little one is enough to keep you active for the day.

5. Go for a walk:

Don’t just sit their and Keep worrying why you can’t come up with an idea, go out and have some fresh air, or better do some domestic work, inspiration most times fall on us when we are working, not when we are idle.

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6. Write regularly:
In writing and any profession, to be good at it your persistent and consistency are the only tool that would guarantee your success. So write daily to form it has a Habit and develop as an expert in your niche.

7. Research:

Sometimes all that is required as a writer is to make a research about the subject you want to write, (Read what others have written about the topic, What can you add to it? or subtract from it).

8. Warm up before writing:

What do I mean by that? What I mean is before you start writing first of all do a writing prompt, this is done by writing everything that comes to mind, (writing a Diary) it might not necessary as to pertain to the topic you want to write about, to warm up your brain and mind and shift your mood to writing mood.
It is just like a Footballer, before they would play in a match they would first do warm up exercise to make their body fit and be ready for the activity they want to engaged in, the same applied to you.

9. Write all those jargons:

At the beginning of writing we would felt the itch to start editing once and for all, to make it look good, you don’t need that yet, more inspiration might be coming, if you don’t grab them now, they might gone and you won’t have anything to write about and feel empty, when you’ve written all ideas you could write that is the appropriate time to edit, add and remove from the script and perfect it. (Applied mostly to fiction writer)
10. Change your style: Changing of environment, shift from writing on Microsoft word to writing on paper can help our creativity to pop up, When we see new things, style unlike the same thing you’ve been seeing daily.

11. Change of mood:

if you want to write about 7 ways to be happy and you are in a sad mood, they don’t relate, so you got to change your mood to what you want to write about.

12. Don’t write all that is in your head:

Keep little idea till tomorrow, will help you to have a starting point next day, so that you don’t have to crack your brain before an ideas come. This principles works when you are working on the same project.(This works most when writing a Book).

13. Read, read and read:

Read more than you write, write lesser, so that you won’t get stuck on what to write, reading books, articles from different authors will enhance your knowledge. Tap from other peoples knowledge.

14. Early morning writing:

Our creativity works well early in the morning; 4:00am before anyone wake up and before noon, Our brain is yet preoccupied with activities, thought and distractions like Facebook, twitter and Checking email, as idea flows natural these time.

15. Go through old articles you’ve written:

You have written many articles, there are some you wish you should have written better, you might use the moment  to write a better one. 
Thanks for reading How to overcome writers block: advice to newbie and professional blogger/writers. Which other method do you use to overcome writers blocks? Share your opinion below.


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