3 Brilliant Strategy to write Article that get viral

 3 strategy method to write article that get viral

Writing Article That Get More Viral

There are some writers whose articles have receive massive hit, being read by many audience. There article had inumerable value and solve the problems of the audience and they wrote about what people are searching for. which make the readers to share the articles with others, while some writers wrote articles that doesn’t receive traffic, share, hit and in other words no comments.
Why did the first writer receive so much hit? while the other writer article can’t get afloat in the overcrowded blogosphere where millions of articles are published daily.

In my early months of blogging I came across a blogger in AdSense blog, he is writing for AdSense to help new blogger to get ideas on how to get traffic and massive exposure as a beginner blogger, he explained how he did some exploratory study on the trending articles on Google for 6 months before jumping into blogging, like most searches articles, most searches keywords.

When he eventually started, he had already had a focus keyword in mind which aid his blog growth. Within months his blog was receiving thousands of traffic from Google search engine and he was able to pay his bill and become financially independent.

In this post you will learn ideas on how to write articles that get viral; you can take ideas from the tips below.

Here are ways to write article that goes viral and well ranked in Google.

1. Research

As I have mention earlier above, you have to study the keyword people are searching often on Google, Go to Q/A community sites and forums.

Here are ways to search on trending articles.

Google search

– Type a headline on Google

Google will auto complete your search if you enabled it on your browser, those articles that Google auto completed are the articles that are being searched the most on Google at the moment of searching.

For you to know the rate at which people search the article, you will have to go further; there are two options here: first you can use free keyword search tool or paid keyword search tool, the paid version have more features and unlimited options compare to free keyword search tool; let’s make use of Google AdWords, its free.

Google adwords picture

– Go to Google AdWords >> Tool >> Keyword Planner, Search and click Get ideas. Here you will get Long tail keyword, simple explanation means, they are long sentences people search on Google for, people searching for this long keyword i.e. Where can I buy a shoe that will look nice on my feet, if some e-commerce site wrote about the article and the searcher click-through on Google search there is high tendency for the searcher to buy if he/she finds the shoe that satisfies their need, this keyword are not often searched like 25-30% search out of 100% search on google, But you can convert this reader to a regular reader of your blog. And will likely subscribe to your email list. They are really in need of your services.

Google AdWords are not accurate because it is free but it helps you to have an idea on how often the keywords are being search on Google. To help you know more of the keyword; you can go further by using paid keyword search tool like Keyword Planner tool, Moz, Semrush and others. They are more accurate.

Buzzsumo blog picture

– Buzzsumo

They share blog, articles that have extreme hit, shares, Page views; if you want to know how rank an article of a blog, articles on your blog, or the article that a site have more traffic with, then search it on Buzzsumo to get the ideas you needed, free service have limited offers. You can check on where there backlink comes from, those who share their articles on free trial by registering with their site. This will help you to  have an idea about site that are ranking within a specific keyword.

You can read the article to familarise yourself on how the author formulate his idea on the article that get the attention of the audience and make them to share his articles, this will help you to come up with better idea you can make use.

You can write in-depth of the ideas he failed to give more clarity on or write contrary articles to his point of view, this type of article get people attention especially when you want to write contrary opinion to a well-established writer, political leader or a famous star, before writing this you must give point that will back up your idea.

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2. Write

The essence of all the researches is to put down an article; so try to make sure your article are 1,000 words or above it. My own experience about article that are above 1,000 words is that it has more detailed information, your keyword will appear more on your articles compare to articles that are lesser, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing 500, 600 or 800 words if you can’t write above that length, but make sure it is well researched, able to add value and solve readers problem, Blogger like Seth Godin write a shorter article but he said he spent a lot of time making research on the article; yet his articles get much reader because it had value and give genuine solution to their readers problem.

Note: Make sure your article keyword appear often in your post. Use Microsoft word to find how many times your keyword apear in your post. By pressing control find and enter the keyword into the search.

– Edit the article, proofread it, make sure there aren’t any grammatical error, put down your ideas in such a way that your readers will easily comprehend it. Give it to an editor or writer; if available or others to help you to check on it, there are some issues others would fish out easily that you won’t take notice, leave the article for some hour and come back with a fresh look, idea and mind; you will easily detect errors that you couldn’t find before and also able to come up with a better and new idea.

3. Promote your article

The first step you take towards your article will determine how successful your article will be; immediately after publishing your article and after sharing it on social media, activating email auto responder to share it with your email subscriber, Deliberately ask your friend on Facebook, twitter, blogger friends and other to share your post this will count a bit.

That isn’t enough to achieve your expected end, promote it on Google AdWords, Facebook ads, twitter ads and other advertising media you know.

Note: Money must be spent to gain more money.

– Guest post

The reason you want to guest post is to expose your new article to another blog audience without paying a dime, just write an epic article that will gain the attention of the blog readers; Big authority blog will be better for this; that have thousands of readers.

In your author bio where you are to write a few sentences about the author and 2-3 links to your site, you can inform the readers about your latest article and put a link that they can follow to check your blog, Repeat the same process in two or more authority site and small blog.

– Blog commenting

The goal of you commenting is to comment on blog that have a Commentluv enabled on their blog, click on the box your article will appear below your comment. Or if not enabled when writing your blog URL link, put the link of where the articles belong (Category). Like www.mycoacharticle.com/Contact. Not the article link; because that will be too long and it will look like a spam to the blog admin.

Quora question blog

– Question and Answer community site

Go to this site and search on the question that relates to your article and look vividly how many times the question is being ask, the follower of the question. When it has high rate of people asking the same question and follower give a genuine and in-depth answer to the question, and insert your blog link in the middle of the article and also at the end of the article. And use Call to Action method to tell them to visit your blog for related Post like that. The readers of this blog are targeted audience that are in need of what you want to offer them.

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Wrapping up

To do this takes a lot of time, but following this methods and applying it will help to rank your article and get viral.

  1. Just imagine if you could be able to follow this procedure on every post you publish, how successful it will be?

What ways are you taking to get your article get viral?

What questions have I not answered on this article?

Drop your opinion in the comment section below


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