Your weakness is the greatest weapons to discover your hidden strength.

Your weakness is the greatest weapons to discover your hidden strength.

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That’s success”. – zig ziglar.
We all have weaknesses, sure, but individual has it more deeper than each other, some are addicted to error’s, mistake, bully and it seems that all the negative of life are thrown towards them.
Mistakes, bully from friends, family and environment are part of their daily life, and it seems that they are born a failure, struggling with challenges of life. And can’t get the bearing for their life.
Many people let this circumstances blow them away like a wind and they can’t found their path in life, Well, in these scenario, that’s when we develop the deepest strength that lies within us, during these period that is when most people discover their Lifetime Purpose.
Let me share a bit of my own story here:
In 2015; I was battling with an extreme fear, Low self-esteem, I don’t know what’s wrong, all I knew was am tired of life. Fear of the Unknown, Afraid to go outside my room, deeply in pain because all my life was just to please others while I neglected myself.
Maybe, that was why I was living like a mediocre to myself, don’t know much about who I am, my purpose in life, stagnant for more than 5 years after high school to gain admission to college.

Everything turn down against me

The question is should I give up this miserable world and end up my life. Many succidal thoughts set in, but am afraid to see my parent sorrow over my death,  that’s why I reconsider my thought not to put my parents in so much grief.

If you find yourself discouraged with your circumstances, you need to focus on something different-like your potential to make a difference. – Danny steele

Decision I made

Actually am tired of everything, and I don’t want to commit a suicide. I told myself I will work till I get exhausted everyday, so that their won’t be time left for me to worry about my problem.

Turning point

I found a PDF format book on my laptop, on the folder my friend saved on my laptop. The book was Living more life, that book led to an eye opener for me, leading to other methods, through that book I discovered EFT(Emotional Freedoms Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy). And many others. I didn’t apply all but the little i applied worked perfectly.

By then, I have been forcing myself to read books despite reading is not my habit, I did this to forget my problem, and rather learn to read other peoples story who had overcome one or more challenges in their lifetime.

Through those books, I began to take actions that are having positive impacts in my life.

Through this process I was able to discover my passion on earth and calling in life.

To be a writer, now I realize what I want out of life, and this passion is flowing in my mind daily like a fountain of river.

Some months later, I discovered a platform called blogger where one can share is knowlegde with the world and let everyone heard his or her voice. That’s why I want to motivate the world through my articles, Public Speaking.

Have not taking these my new passion to the level I wanted, but daily am striving to achieve my purpose. Preset by Preset, one brick at a time, bricklayers build a house.

What kind of life would it be? When one doesn’t do things that triggered him to arose on the bed daily.

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.’

                                                  – Bill Gates

I rephrase the word; if you are born weak it’s not your mistake, But if you die weak it’s your mistake.

It was through my weakness moment, I was able to discovered my greatest strength.

Note: When you are going through circumstances that want you to give up on life; Remember, that’s an advantage to discover more of your capacity, strength and to know yourself better than before.

Lesson to learn from these article

1. Be optimist in a hard time: When we are faced with challenges of life, we tends to see the negative side of things, making it tough for us to learn the lesson that it holds.

Things to do instead
1. When things doesn’t go the way we expected that’s when we should love ourself the more.
Speaks positive Affirmation words like

– Am realizing my full potential,
– Am a solution to my generation.
– I have what it takes to succeed.
– Am a winner. Not a looser.

– I love challenges, i can overcome every hurdles before me.

2. A Gold beauty appears when it passes through fire:
A gold would pass through fire before it can bring out its beauty, a seed planted would first of all decay before bringing out a tree. Nothing good comes easy.

3. We are imperfect:
But through our imperfection we are made perfect. Nick Vujicic – The Man with No Limbs see the advantage of not having a limb to motivate others. Fulfilling his purpose in life.

Before I put my pen down. Let me share example of a person that have utilized his weakness to bring out the strength within himself.

1. Nick vujicic: A man born with no limb from birth, he doesn’t see that as a challenges, rather as a stepping stone to greatness. While some who are completely able feel inferior, don’t believe in who they are.

Nick vijucic

We can learn some lessons from the picture above:

– Its not how the world see us, but the way we see ourself that matters.
– Joy, happiness doesn’t come from outward but it comes from within.
– In every negative situation we should look for the positive out of it. That’s when we can learn the lesson it brings.
Thanks for reading my article Your weakness is the greatest weapon to discover your hidden strength. Which one resonates you the most? Share your thought in comment section below.

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