11 destructive Fear that paralyses your Success

11 destructive Fear that paralyses your Success

 “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.” – Judy Blu me 

FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real, yet it seems some people can’t do a day without falling into this false belief, and make you to be living in a false grip of fear.

When we allow fear to dominate us, it paralyzes our thought and kills our creativity, Boldness, happiness and joy.

No one can live a complete life when suffering from these strong Emotions.

Many people are been tormented by this Fear daily and hoping one day it would vanish. Fear hardly leaves a persons life unless one take action and ready to take up the good fight against it.

In this article, I would analyzes different types of fear people face daily that hinder every aspect of their life. How you can overcome fear would be my next post. Stay tuned.

1. Fear of change: 

Most people don’t want to try new things, they are comfortable with there present position, level and not willing to adopt new method.

Explore beyond your comfort zone, seek new ideas, learn more, that is when we can live fully.

2. Fear of failure: 

people get scared of failing, maybe, based on what they have been taught from childhood, school, and what we’ve heard from others, make them to see failure as being a looser.

Which isn’t true, when you failed you learn, get more experience, and it makes you stronger, experienced and you would know what ways doesn’t work to try another way.

3. Fear of what others would say: 

 What others would say If I fail, If i said ‘No’, Well what others would say doesn’t matter, as long as you are doing the right thing, you should’t allow that thought to drain you.

4. Fear of Saying No: 

The two Letter word ‘No‘ is so hard for some people to say, They always feel the itch to Say Yes, in every situation.

Well you know; too much of everything is bad, too much of Yes will hurt you. That’s why you have to balance the Equations.

5. Fear of the Unknown: 

When we move out of our comfort zone, we’ve stretched ourselves and we are going to meet new things, meet new people their, you might be afraid of those new things, but that’s what make us grow, or feeling something strange would happen, whatever it is keep going.

6. Fear of Rejection: 

We don’t want people to reject our offer because it hurt our ego. But that should’t stop you from asking for what you want, ask for more friendship, better service, new date.

I challenged you whenever you want to do new things don’t view the negative things rather think about the positive because negative thought drains and overwhelmed us not to take action.

7. Fear of getting poor: 

Many people daily are afraid of getting poor, that’s why they settle for job they don’t like, because they are afraid of following there passion, believing starting there business might not earn them an income. They settle for less and play safe.

8. Fear of investing their money: 

People rather felt safer and comfortable when there money is in the bank, You will feel more enthusiast when you invest your money.

Investing means sending your money on an errand. It will come back in multiple folds. When we look at world successful men; they have something in common INVESTMENT.

9. Fear of public speaking:

 Really, Public Speaking, it means speaking in front of our friends, family, Co worker, business partners, and trying to persuade, convince them to our side of thinking or sell our services to them. Yet we are afraid to optimized the advantage it offers. Imagine how much you will earn when you can persuade a customer to buy your goods, to speak up your mind, I think that’s FREEDOM

10. Fear of Ladies (Guys): 

Some guys fear to speak with the opposite Sex, even most men have experienced these once or more in their lifetime. What you need to know is that they are a someone like you, who want to be love, talk to, care about.

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11. Fear of Death: 

Accept what you can’t change that’s a way to live a peaceful life. We would surely die, no doubt about that, that’s why you need to enjoy every moment.

Thanks for reading, 11 destructive types of Fear that paralyses your Success, which points resonate you the most and which one got you thinking, Please drop your comments below to hear your view.

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