10+ Pure motivational blog in Nigeria 2017

Motivational blog in Nigeria, I have been curious to know maybe Nigerian blogger do blog about Motivational / self development niche, because often whenever I search about motivational stuff, Rarely do I found Nigerian blogger results in Google Search.

So I did an exploratory research to dig them out.
Next time you need to be motivated, inspiration, you don’t have to think twice before you found them out here.

These list are selected random, they are not rank.
1. Awazie ikechi: The first time I stumbled upon this blog I was pleased with it, because they have many well written inspiration article that would make you to “Be a light to the World”. 
2. Seasonedlifejournal: if you want clarity, strategy, and tools about life, don’t hesitate to give them a visit. They also have a podcast, in which they interview people who have overcome struggle to become a phenomenal. 
3. Nawesabi: Don’t be freak by the name, they write article on inspiration, self development, but they specialized on Parenting and child development. If you are a parent you ought to visit their blog.

4. GettintaheadwithGoody: Her blog is inspiring, if you want stories that are motivating, lifestyle don’t hesitate to give her a visit.

5. Taiwoemayosan: He is specialized in these field, when you read one of his articles you will be moved to read more.
    6. posiworld1: If you need some boast visit them, they have a nice post to boast you up.
7. Miss purple heart: She wrote very heart touching post from how she as grown from a weak woman, to a strong one. She does these by writing a stories related to her life.
8. Stupendousgrace: Have a story articles that would inspired you through the word of God.

9. Ugochi-jolomi: Whenever you want to visit her blog, pick up a chair, because they share stories and word to empower you.
10. Christ a poet: These blog inspires through poetry and stories.
11. Chidinmainspiration: This is a inspirational, lifestyle, and discovery the world at large. you can give them a visit.
These are the motivation blog in nigeria, I could get for now, there are quite more than these, but majority domain name where no more active or no regular updates on their blog.
If you found out others that existed or your blog that related to these niche but not mentioned,
Feel free to mention them in the comments section below. So that this post can be updated.
Thanks for Reading 10+ Pure motivational blog in Nigeria 2017. Drop a comment below to know your view about these.

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