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7 mathematics lesson about life

In the education section, we offered many subject, some are necessary and important while others are optional.

But their is a particular subject that everyone must offer in school whether we are good at it, we love it, or hate it, we cannot run away from it, as the title indicated above the subject is “Mathematics”.

We have to solve many equations like Quadratic equation, Simultaneuos equation, inequalities and many other formulae, these subjects are so necessary that failure to pass them might jeopardise us from moving to the next class.

We have to find many methods, apply many formulae just to get the results, some students love these subject while some hate it, some students get the Understanding of it easily while others struggle to understand the subject.

What lesson can we learn from these subjects? there are so much we can learn, in these article; i will discussed them below:
These are the lessons we can learn from the subjects

1. We can’t run away from life challenges: 

There are some life challenges that no matter how much we try to avoid them, we would eventually face them and for us to move forward, we must face them and overcome it. Even if we run to the mountains, oceans, sea, moon, we would found them. until we tackle them and overcome them that we would move forward. Like me until i overcome my fear, that i begin to experience progress in every area of my life.(i.e in dealing with people, making friends, following my passion in life)

2. some are important while others are not: 

There are somethings that are important to our life and are prerequisite while there are some that we don’t need in our life, our job is to found those that we need and avoid and neglect things we don’t need in our life.

3. some are able to solve their life challenges: 

Have you imagined that some people find it easy to tackle life challenges while others find it hard to get meaning to their life. some find it hard to understand the bearing of their life while others are in full control of their’s.

4.There are so much topic in mathematics: 

We can’t be good at all the topic, but we must know more than average, in life there are so much things we have to face, we can’t overcome everything but we must pass above average and accept the one’s we cannot change/overcome and accept them

5. Student want to learn from a good mathematics student: 

if you can solve life situation people will come to seek help from you, likewise a good mathematics student, they will want to know how you arrive at the answers, students would love to learn from a guru at school, want to make friend with him

6. Life is a test: 

In mathematics and school generally, our capacity, knowlegde and our understanding about the subject we are been taught in school are been tested.
Everyday challenges of life is a test that we  must pass to prove that we’ve learnt and understand life and to move to another stage in life.

This are the 7 life lessons we can learn from “Mathematics”. Which one resonates you the most in these post? Your comment are highly valued and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks

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