7 ways to prepare a powerful presentation

7 ways to prepare a powerful presentation

This is the challenges aspect of public speaking, because what you’ve practice that’s how you would present it to your audience, and sometimes to get an idea for the presentation is another issue entirely, you might have experienced it that some presenter when presenting to the audience would be repeating a word twice, anxious, stammering and focusing too much on the draft book, most times the reason for these is not that they are afraid of the crowd but they have little or no enough practice time and they got most of the information by coping them from the internet without mastering them enough, for you not to experience these, the tips below will be a guide for you to prepare fully for your presentation.

Tips: you should have a specific guidelines to follow, don’t change your plan during presentation to avoid to getting confused.

Here are 7 ways to prepare

1. Draft:

All the ideas that comes from your mind, write them down, if you are using laptop, you can download Evernote app note, it helps in drafting better, even while you are on the go. If you are drafting on a book write all the ideas down.

After Drafting, you can edit the script to your taste and adding stories, illustrations, and anything that would make it effective to present.

2. familiarize yourself with the topic:

Are the topic related to things that are happening to you or in your environment, are you to talk about how the government are charging high tax rate on the citizens, or the danger of depriving children of their right to education, these are things that are paining you, write the ideas down as they pop up in your mind.

A public speaker performs well when he is asked to talk about topic that is affecting him or his immediate environment, you don’t need to go to the internet to copy any content, that’s what some speakers do, they don’t try to analyze the topic whether the answer is already in depth of their mind and they will end up speaking from the book, rather from their mind and make the speech boring to the audience.

3. Look for mentor:

Find some one that has more knowledge, experience than you in the field, so they can guide you on how you can go about it, tips and tricks to use, Do’s and Don’ts of speaking, their advice will help a lot.

“mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability in you, than you see in yourself, and helps you bring it out of you”.
By: Bob Proctor

4. Research: 

Research on the topic, a good speaker must be able to deliver well on any speech given to him, search the internet, library, the museum and any other places you can get the idea, and practice them till they become natural to you.

5. Use projection: 

Make sure you prepare your presentation in a PowerPoint if it is needed and check everything if they are working perfectly.

6: Don’t assume:

Try to brainstorm or imagine the question the audience might likely ask in the presentation and try to find answer to them, don’t assume they won’t ask that question, what if they ask? It will lead to anxious and make you look like a fool in the face of the audience. If there is a question thrown at you that you don’t know right there, reply boldly and tell them you will work on that or you have not make a research on that.

7: Relax:

Don’t skip sleep on the day of the presentation, to make your mind and brain relax and not to feel dizzy and stressful on the stage.

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