11 tips and tricks to overcome public speaking trauma

As a young boy to speak in a congregation are one of my challenges as a person, I prefer to avoid it all cost, than to
speak in public.

Whenever I heard public speaking fear gripped my heart, As if I Am about to face lion in the Lion’s den 
I remember my High schools days, when I was told to speak in a debate, that day was an awful experiences,  Those excessive sweating, unable to breathe smoothly, anxious, shivering, stammering, i won’t tell myself that I fumbled that day, I see it has a challenges
Many people out there are going through these same problem, even adult, old man, business man, great people experience and faced these challenges in day by day activities.
More than average people avoid to speak in public. 
Why is it hard to speak in front of people, it baffles me yet, we still experience these public
speaking anxiety, trauma, fear,
 “It is not failure itself that holds you back; it is the fear of failure that paralyzes you”.
                     By: Brian Tracy

Apply the tips below and take these step seriously and you will be amazed how better you will become in public speaking, not to waste your time let’s begin:
1. Analyze the problem: 
Write those things that are hindering you to speak or those negative thoughts that is going on in your mind.

2. Face each problem once and for all:
let’s say “they will make jest of my word, am not good enough, well everyone doesn’t become expert in their profession in a day, it is by continuous practice mistake and practice, those excuses are not the problem it is your fear that pop out those Figment so that you will not move out of your comfort zone. You are the manager of your life, manage it well. Don’t let fear, inferior, shy, anger to manage your life for you.
3. Make a plan, make a decision and act on your decision:
To make a genuine decision, write them in a book that is when you are serious about your goal (No matter how hard the process maybe, persist you would be happy for things you do, than those you do not do.

4. Try to get the number of the audience:
When you know the amount of people you are to address, these will make it easier, because you might think they might be hundred, what if they are thousand or ten of thousand you haven’t prepared for those big crowd, it can add to your anxious.
5. Practice:
Nothing can take the place of practice in public speaking, it is better to over practice than to practice less, use visualization to bring the audience to your presence and start to speak as if you are already altering the speech, it will help your mind and body to get familiar with it. These methods yield better result when you implement it well.

6. Dress appropriately:
Won’t it be surprising when putting on casual dress for a formal presentation, dress corporately to the place, it will speak better of you, put on clothes that you feel comfortable on.
7. Get the materials you needed available:
Is it project? Or other materials you need get them available don’t assume that it might not be needed.
8. Exercise:
like jogging, will increase your breathing rate and pump enough air into your lung, these will help you to control your breathing when you are uttering the speech. 
9. Take deep breathe:
Taking deep breathe in and exhaling out will calm your mind

10. Smile: When feeling nervous Put on a smiling face, these will take away nervous away; Anxiety, anger, nervous and others are emotions and 2 emotions cannot operate at the same time, when you smile other emotions will burn out.

11. Relax:
Don’t skip sleep on the night for the presentation to avoid fatigue and dossing. 
Thanks for reading 11 ways to overcome public speaking trauma, in what way has this article contributed to your skills? Your comment will be highly appreciated and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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