Never Give up: 6 Reasons you should keep on fighting

never give up: 6 reasons you should keep on fighting

When fate hands you a lemon, make a lemonade.
        By: Dale Carnegie
When the battle of life is so much; will you quit the battle without been a triumphant? When it seems their is no more strenght; won’t you endure more to the end? When hope is lost; Should we give up? When the faith is shaking; can we make it stand again? It’s our mindset either positive or negative,  that would determine whether these storm are going to blow us away or make us stand firm till the end.
Circumstances before us might make life harder, and seems there won’t be an end to them. Hoping that when would there be an illumination to these mystries of life.
The strength are gone, the hope are lost and yet we have to live. Never, NEver and Never give up. fight till the
end. At the end victory are certain.  After all these is your life, Never give up on your self. Never give up on your life.
These are 6 reasons, you must never give up

1. They’re not going to last long:

Those situations of life are temporary, they are for a transient time, whether we overcome them or not they are going to vanish. 
When the sun set, they are going to dawn, when the rain fall they would eventually stop. They won’t stay for long.
Thats why we must not let the temporary situation leave a wound on us, that we would have to heal later.

2. We should be tougher than our problem:

When the battle of life are tough, we should be tougher, when they are tougher, we should be toughest, when they are toughest, we should be tougher than toughest. We should not take it easy to the extend that we get overwhelmed by them.

3. This is your life:

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again”.
          By: Etienne de Grellet 

These is your life, we have only one life to live. Why don’t we live it to the fullest in our career, marriage, family, in our environment.

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4. We are left with a reward: 

The bad situation of life teaches us lessons, but if we fail to notice that, we would learn it in a hard way, after every examination their would be a result. After every calamity we are being rewarded with maturity, experiences, As they say”, Experience is the best teacher”, there won’t be a promotion without a test, the current situation are just test period, you have to pass to move to another level of life. 

5. We have almost overcome:

If we can just see how we are almost close to our goal, we would persist more.
If we realize how far we have gone we would never retreat nor surrender.  
Because When we don’t stop in the challenge, we would win, “Winners never quit, quitters never Win”

6. Life is too short. 

Enjoy every moment, be kind to every man kind. Appreciate every good things that have ever come across your way.
Thanks for reading Never GIVE UP: 6 reasons you should keep on fighting. How have you been overcoming challenges? Share your experience below and also share these post with your friends.

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