Improve Concentration: 16 methods to help you Concentrate more and live a Happy Life

how to improve concentration level

“The secret of concentration is the secret of self-discovery. You reach inside yourself to discover your personal resources, and what it takes to match them to the challenge”
Arnold Palmer

If we realize how much we have being distracted daily, and causing us to lack behind. And we are doing lesser than our capacity. We would make a resolution to improve every area of our life.

We found it difficult to concentrate on daily activities, getting distracted by things going on around us, we have developed it has a habit.

How many times have you set a goal? or resolution, later find yourselves not accomplishing the goal due to you cannot concentrate on the goal any more.

These articles will give insights on how we can get our self to concentrate and get things done without distraction.

Reasons you need to concentrate

– To make decision
– To be productive
– To be happy and have a peace of mind
– To reduce our stress rate
– To overcome worrying and anxiety 

Ways to get concentrate

 1. Be organized
These is one of the major reasons because we have so much file scattered in our office, home and life, many times you might want to pick your phone, wallet, book or other belongings and you don’t know where you placed it.

Making you to be stressful and giving us hard time to found them, if you know where it is initially, we won’t have gone through such a horrible experience. It’s time to organize our world, know where you place your things and you won’t have to worry. Imagine how those Chef in the restaurant get everything they want without getting stressed up, they have organized everything and are familiar with where everything is placed. Plan where you will place your phone, clothes, book, bag and every other thing. You won’t think twice before you know where to found them.

2. Eliminate unnecessary materials

Removing those things, we don’t use any longer, like Old clothes, books, deleting unnecessary application from our computer and phone that are not adding value to us but takes our time, will help us to concentrate. 

3. Imagine

I use these to trick my brain and get my mind concentrated, when I found myself not concentrating on the work at hand. I imagine that everything on earth does not matter to me than what I want to do at the moment, I view other things as if they are not as important as the work at hand and looking at other things as not interesting except the work at hand. These make my brain to believe that what am about to do is very important work at the moment and make me concentrate more.

4. Know what you want for your life

If you know what you from life you would not focus on unnecessary things that your life doesn’t need. When you wake up in the morning you would already know where to go for the day. And what to do with your life.

5. Relax when necessary

When you have done all day, activities relax your mind and body. Our body needs rest to regain strength and these free our mind from unnecessary thought, and makes us to think clearer.

6. Divide your goal to simple task

Dividing task to simple task makes big work to become easier and makes us concentrate on the work and not get distracted.

7. Meditate

Meditation is help us to tune to our inner mind and self. It shakes off negative thought. It makes us feel calm with ourselves.

8. Eat healthy food

Eating junk food will not have value to our health but makes us feel tired and
unhealthy. When our body are not healthy it makes us to lose focus.

9. Reading book and magazine

I remembered when I read book I get lost to it that I get unconscious of my environment,
When we read book, especially interesting one or the one that would have value to our life. We get concentrated on it that we forget ourselves to things around at the moment and these enhance our mind to concentrate more, it helps us to have a quiet time.

10. Gratitude

how to improve concentration level

Instead of nagging, if we use those energy to be happy for everything that surrounds us, The nature. The sky, The trees around us. The people we live with, even thou they sometimes let us down. These makes us to be happy with ourselves and these get rid of thoughts that those not empower us.

11. Listen to music

Music calm our brain and mind, and help us to relax, I do plugin my earpiece and play some cool music, but I prefer listen to guitar melody it helps my brain to get cool and it makes me relax and happy. You can listen to songs that helps you get concentrate, it’s a good thing to practice as a word that says, “Music is the food for the soul”

12. Have a break during work

When we are working for a long time we get fatigue, our body need to relax in other not to strain our muscle. Our body cannot work for a longer time, that’s why we have to take a break when needed.

13. Go for fresh air

Leave a crowded environment where there is no enough air to breathe, leaving that place and moving to a place with much air to breathe calms our mind or going outside to get some fresh air helps us to relax our mind.

14. Focus on one task at a time

Focusing on many task at a time could lead to procrastinating, make it a habit to complete one task before moving to another task.

15. Positive self-talk

When our mind is wondering about, we can let it relax by using our positive talk.
I am calm
I feel relax
I can concentrate on the task before me
        Day by day my concentration level is increasing

16. Take deep breathe

Taking a deep breath and count 1-10 before releasing your breath helps us to calm our nerve.


To live a healthy life and productive life, increasing your concentration rate is not negotiable. Patient must be applied to make these tips work perfectly. Don’t stop till you achieve the life you have dream. Remember if you can’t calm yourself! how would you calm others.

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