7 ways to develop your public speaking skills

7 ways to develop your public speaking skills

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. it’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. ” 
By: Brian Tracy 

Are you a public speaker, teacher or any other professions, in everything we do, we speak to people either rarely or often, but in most times what we say doesn’t matter but it’s the way we said them through our expertise. 

“It’s not what we say but how we say it that matters.”

When we learn to speak effectively to people, it makes us to have friends, win more customer, sale more product, our word become a source of
motivation to others.
Many people are making it has a lifetime career, you too can.

How to develop your public speaking skills

1. Have a mentor: 

Having someone you wish to be like, the person that you love so much in public speaking field and try to learn how he does it, to be great in the speaking field, that does not mean you should not develop your own style, but it will help you to develop yourself, discover your style. And also be a source of motivation to you  when you are having hard times to master the skills. 

2. Read biography about successful speaker: 

when you do that, it will help you to know how some of them have risen from nowhere to become someone great, these will help you to overcome your limiting believe that you hold against yourself.

3. Attend Seminar:

This will help you to meet different kind of people in your field who had succeeded, you can build connection with them, ask for advice from them on how they achieve their success, even you can meet with your hero that you adore at the seminar

4. Explore beyond your environment: 

You should think, read, learn, plan beyond your environment, you must seek for information and learn new things daily, read history, and also read stories these will help you to have more ideas and experience to share when you are speaking.

5. Develop your voice: 

No one would want to listen to an awkward voice that scared people away, you should train your voice and speak in a steady voice,(record your voice with a sound recorder when you practice a speech in your room, or any other places you choose. And take notice of the awkward moment like murmuring, uh un sound, the unnecessary pause, the more you eliminate those errors you discovered in your speech. The better you become. You can also search on YouTube there are various tutorials on voice training that you can use.

6. Practice eye contact:

A good public speaker must be able to use Eye contact to penetrate his word into the mind of the audience. 
Make it a priority to look face to face with anyone you will have conversation with, it would be Irritating at first due to your eye has not build enough tension but with time it would be easy,  their is power in eye contact and there is tendency that the person you are talking to will accept your offer when you engage in eye contact. 

it also build trust and make the audience to believe that you are sure and you’re an expert on the topic you are speaking about.

7. Give free speech: 

As a novice in the field, they will have little or no believe whether we would delivered well, by given free speech we can prove that we can delivered, even without being paid. 

if you found out public speaker is needed in your environment,  church, school or any other places quickly take advantage of this, they might not have confidence in your ability at first, but later your quality will speak for you and advertise you to the world.

Thanks for reading How to develop your public speaking skills. How have you been developing your public speaking skills, share your experience below and also share this post to your friends. 

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