6 ways to let go of the past and focus more on now.

Let go of the past, let go of the painful memories. Don’t miss your chance today of creating beautiful memories for
Grown up in an area, family or environment where we are to follow a set norm, whether it’s right for us or not, where those child hood experiences has made us to form an illusion about the world, that has made us to see the bad side of things.
It has made us not to see how precious we’re, if a Gold does not know it’s worth, it would be bought far! Far below it worth. It would be sold for a penny.

Placing people’s thought to be priority to ours, making us to feel guilty of letting people know that we deserve
respect, trust, love and attention , you are among people but still feel alone, you are self conscious, conscious about every step you take, in other not to be jugded, so concerned about what people will say, not expressing your feeling due to what we have mastered in our young age. 
Our heart is burning Out, we are hoping that someone should feel these pain.

What you don’t ask you can’t get, know one would know what we want until we take the boldness to say it out.

Following people’s decision for our life, whether it is best for us or not We have a choice.

1. Deprivation of right

It made us to feel inferior: When we don’t speak what we want, we surely get want we don’t want, because they will assume for us what we want.

Let say -you went to a shop to buy some stuff, gotten there, you just stood their without uttering any word, how would the salesman know what you want to buy. When you speak up, they will know who you really are, stop living a fake life. It is better to be hate for who you are, than to be like for who you’re not. 

2. Stop living in the past

whatever that has happened, in one time in your life, can never be reversed, why dwelling on them anymore? no matter how much we think about it, the past can never be reversed, focusing on what you can’t change is the beginning of a miserable life.
It’s time you10 quote and stop living the life of the past.
We should set our arm and prepare for the future. We are on a journey we still have a long way to go.

“Their is not limit, but the limit we placed on ourselves.

3. Start afresh

Try to start afresh and think on how your Now will be better, when we neglect now (present moment ) they will soon become past. how long would we be amending our past mistake. How our life is now; is the result of our past action and thought. The decision we make now will determine how our future would be. 

4. Forgive yourself and others:

Resentment, bitterness and  envy  are bad for our health, it put us in the prison of ourselves.
Forgive those that have in one way in your life cause you to feel these way. 
Also forgive yourself; for using your own inner voice to limit yourself since all these while. 

5. The past can’t be change 

Whatever that has happened in one time in our life, they had gone they have nothing to do with us anymore, and no matter how much we ponder on them, they can’t be changed, but we can decide to accept them, embrace them, and see it has a lesson that life want to teach us. But make a determination not to allow such event to occurred again.

6. Eliminate your inner voice:

Those negative voices that pops up in our mind, we must get rid of them, we should be filled with positive word to overcome negativity. It takes time to get rid of them totally, but these are word to conquer the negative voices.
Replace the negative with positive. 
i. Am not good enough, Replace it with, With practice I will be better

ii. Am always a failure, Replace with. Am not a failure despite failure comes my way or failure is not my problem, It’s just that I have not discover the ways that works.                                  
III. I don’t have the right to speak out my mind, Replace with, I deserve love, respect from my loved ones and everyone. I have the right to express my feelings, opinions.                                                                                    

Find the right word, to conquer every negative thought.  

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