10 reasons everyone must be a public speaker

10 reasons everyone must be a public speaker
Since the day we are born, we have encountered many ups and downs, we have experienced many rejections, pain, challenges, loneliness, frustrations, gathered many experiences, and many other emotional circumstances, that in sometimes we want to take away our breathe and have created an experienced in our life i.e, when we get mocked by our peer group,  make silly mistakes that we latter learn in a hard way.

Things we have seen, heard, experienced are like a flash in our memory, it pops up in our mind sometimes when we are in a depressed mood, or going through life challenges, that we wish to share them to our close friend, family, relatives, neighbor, peer group, and loved

You might not be a professional speaker before you can qualified for these, you can start these at anywhere i.e As a leader you saw your follower being experience is own life challenges. Share your life experienced with him, your experience might heal his pain and might help him to develop new self believe.
I am glad to share those reasons in these post, so that we can realized that those things we have encountered are worth speaking to the public, you might not know your story might be a source of motivation, encouragement, hope, and inspiration for others and young ones who are just growing in this wonderful world.
Here are the reasons why everyone on the planet are qualified to be a public speaker and shared their life experienced to others.

#1. You have more to share: 

Has I have said earlier, all the experiences when put it in a book, write them on your blog or share them with others, can change someone life.
 Some have used their life time experience to change others life, you too can. Like Abraham Lincoln. he has being a source motivation to people not to let circumstances stop them from achieving their goal. You can imagine how much he go through to become The united state of American president.

#2. At some point in your life you will need to do it:

Almost every single person will need to speak in public at some point in their lives. Every public speaking opportunity is an opportunity to grow your leadership, your influence and your career.
By becoming a confident and Competent public speaker you instantly put yourself above many other people who can’t stand up and speak.

You might need to work in sales and speak to groups of people to sell product, you might need to give a presentation at a business meeting, you might have to give a speech at your son’s wedding. No matter who you are it is almost 100% certain you will need to give a speech at some point in your life.

#3. You speak out your opinions to the public:

Public speaker are influencer, they use their voice to change people’s mindset and believe about life. And give reasons why people should follow a specific path, decision or buy a product.

4. To get get your message across: 

If you ever dream of getting your voice to be heard by a large audience, public speaking can be a great way to achieve those dreams.

5. You will be a source of a motivator:

You can take these skill to another level by using it to inspire the shy guys or those who don’t have believe in themselves.
People like Dale Carnegie,  Martin Luther king and others had used these skill to change a world, nation and peoples believes and inspire them to move out of their self limiting beliefs and get them to take actions for their life.  

6. You gain popularity:  

When standing in front of an audience, it makes all eyes on you. And make you get notice by many people, and if your presentation was great it would make everyone want to know you more.

7. Public speaking allows you to demonstrate your knowledge:

Most people will avoid getting up in front of people to give a speech. By standing up and speaking to a crowd you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field and you have a great opportunity to share your knowledge.

8. Public speaking increase your knowledge: 

You want to give a speech that would catch the heart of the audience, these would trigger you to read more, search more, learn more and seek for more information. These process will improve your knowledge about the topic and life generally. 

9. One of the best ways to generate sales

If you own a business or do some form of work on the side public speaking is one of the best ways to generate sales. Understanding how to effectively get your message and the emotions tied to that message across to another person can help you generate more sales for your company.

10. Increase your self confidence:

Leaving your comfort zone to overcoming public speaking anxiety and speak your message to your audience, these will increase your confidence to talk, chat and make friends with people easily.
By doing public speaking you are increasing your skill at communicating with others, making you more confident around people automatically, and it also increases your skill at perceiving people‚Äôs reactions to your
These are the 10 reasons everyone must be a public speaker. Do you find these article interesting? Or which one intrigued you? Comments below to hear your opinion. And also share them with your friends.

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