How not to procrastinate and start taking action?

How not to procrastinate with these effective step

Most or often we all experience procrastination, but each individual is more addicted to it than others that stop them from achieving their full potential.
Tipsprocrastination is quiet different from laziness don’t get both confusing; procrastinator postpone things to later time, they will eventually do it, maybe at a later time while laziness makes you to avoid doing anything that are stressful. 
  •  Let’s get familiar with procrastination.
According to English Dictionary; “procrastination means; cunctation; shillyshally: the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

It makes you to do later what we ought to do now and therefore, it makes you experience setback and delay.

For you to achieve your full potential in life procrastination must be eliminate from your life. Because what you suppose to do that will have a positive effect now might not have any positive effect later. That’s why you have to make hay while the sun shines. 
Little time wasted cannot be recovered again.

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

Sometimes we found ourselves want to do some activities, due to the work is stressful and we are trying to avoid them and we tell ourselves, I will do them tomorrow, we pile every work, activities that we get stuck with much work or activities and congesting tomorrow which makes us to worry and indecisive, making our mind to have much to worry about; whereas if we have done them earlier we won’t have much or nothing to worry about. 

Don’t entangled your life get things done now what you are still going to do with your live do them now, it’s now, now, now and now nothing more. If you have got things to do start early, you won’t realize how much you can do and how much progress you would made in 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month and 365 days.


  • To live a Worry-free life: Do you remember when you have done you what is required of you? Your mind is free, no worrying about what I ought to do, but focus on something more productive.
  • To make progress in your life: When you apply for that job, do that work, attend that seminar at the right time, without postponing them, then you wouldn’t know how much far you would go in life.
  • If it is your dream to get that job, build that mansion then these is the right time to take action; enough of excuses
  • Your capacity: when you overcome procrastination It will help you to know what you are capable of doing or not, when you cannot do some task after you have tried it several times, that means you can seek for those who knows it than you. 
  • We focus on the difficult portion and not minding the reward that we would benefit from the success of the outcome. 

How to overcome procrastination


Write down your weaknesses and things that causes them I.e maybe your inner taught are like I can’t do them, am not good enough, try to find the root of the problem, be conscious of what you do daily and write down what you discover that are the sources of procrastination. and start to take action on how to overcome them immediately.

Make a resolution

Tell yourself that you are not going to procrastinate anymore and found reasons why you have to do these I.e. You will be useful to others, your friends, relatives.

Use affirmation

Affirmation has helped many people to overcome their Procrastination and other emotional challenges, it will also work for you, repeat positive word to change your thinking pattern and get you taking activities at once. You say them to yourself anywhere at any time.

  • I love during hard work
  • I love challenges it makes me a man
  • I am willing to do the thing I am resisting.
  • I effortlessly tackle difficult tasks.
  • I know that I have the skills, resources and energy to get my to-do list done.
  • I choose to focus on the rewards of accomplishing my most pressing projects.
  • I value integrity and get done what I have promised myself I would.
  • I am organized, efficient, productive and proud of all I accomplish.
  • I believe in the effort I make. I know that my work will generate results.

Here are few out of many out there

Break big task to small

Focus your mind on the next part of the work not on the entire activities; Group the work into different category I.e An author would First Research, draft down, write, edit, proof reading, publish and advertise, the process would be easier to do than to entangled himself with all at once.


Find a quiet place, choose a specific time that you would practice it daily, because persistence yield better results, meditation helps our mind to relax and it shake away all those thought and distraction going on in our mind, it helps us to concentrate more and to feel more relax. It helps you to connect to your inner self. There are many meditation method; you can search them on Google. E.G emotional freedom technique (EFT), (FASTER EFT) Thought field therapy (TFT)


Focus your mind on the result, these will trigger you to take action immediately.  

When you practice, the tips giving above, take them to heart, we keep on improving day by day, until you design your life as you’ve planned, your life will experience a great transformation by eliminating your weakness.
Thanks for reading: you can share your opinion in the comment section, share them with your friend and which point resonates you, we would like to here from you.

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