5 bad thought pattern that make us feel inferior to other people

5 bad thought pattern that make us feel inferior to other people

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
 By: Eleanor Roosevelt,
Our thought pattern, that we might not take notice somethings, that we are pulling our self-down unconsciously with some of our inner thought and not realizing the effect, that it has caused our life.
It is that we placed so much value on others through our thinking towards them and those thoughts affect our way of feeling and immediately makes us to feel inferior in front of others, when around them and we get depressed, feel helpless, and passively obey instructions. 

In these articles, we are going to explain those thought that we need to eliminate from our mind and from our life’s, and you will find out ways in which they are affecting our thought pattern and has been making us to feel inferior.

Our thought pattern 

·       We placed so much value on people based on their look or achievement.

Sometimes we placed much value, respect, on some people may be because of their look, wow! she is beautiful, how I wish I am as beautiful as she, self-acceptance is one of the key to happiness, you cannot change how you look. Take care of yourself and you will realize how beautiful you are.
·      That guy his better than me, he is richer than me telling our self, word that discourage us rather than word that motivate us, those words intimidate us and make us feel inferior whenever we see them, remember your situation is not permanent, through hard work and persistence in what you are doing you can be better version of yourself. 

·       We try to please others at any cost, at the expense of our health.

We all might experience these once or more in our lifetime, when we are asked for a help, request, we want to satisfy the person, we think the person might get hurt or feel let down, that makes us to do things that we later regret and makes us think people are controlling me, makes us get resentment towards people, remember no one is going to kill you if you reject their request, If you could be able to do what they request from you don’t hesitate to do them, if not, explain the reason you will not be able to do what they ask from you, the person might understand your point of view.

 ·       We care so much about what others will say.

Many times, we want to do some activities, we put people’s opinion upon our own by saying that man, boy, friend will criticize me, hate me, making us to stop what we ought to have done, and making us to abandon and procrastinate on the task. 

When we care so much on what other will say, that shows that you value others outside than you inside, you live your life based on people’s opinion, if they don’t support what you are doing, you think what you are doing is not right, how long will you ask for people acceptance before you make decisions for your life, what others says about you does not matter. it is what you say to yourself and the way you see yourself that matters.

·       We do things that we cannot do for our self to others.

Sometimes we show love to others, and when they are going through hard times we try to console them and try to show our kindness, but when we are going through hard times we forget to console ourselves, waiting for others to do that for us and when no one comes we dwell in this situation for long and cause a great setback for us.

“The best motivation is self-motivation. 
 The guy says, I wish someone would come 
by and turn me on. What if they don t show up? 
 You ve got to have a better plan for your life”
 By : Jim Rohn

·        We think that others or some category of people are entitled to get everything:

Sometimes we think that it’s that family, country, nation that are entity to Financial, success, wealthy, authority, or good things of life; take those false evidences from your taught pattern, everyone is born to be anything they want to be, no circumstances or factors around us can stop you.


If we realize how much harm than good that those pessimist  though have cause us, we will change our thinking pattern and love ourselves for who we are, instead of letting ourselves down in trying to be like others, be yourself, you are unique. Treat yourself better, show love to everyone.
What are other ways in which we Get inferior to other people that are not mention in this post that you have experienced once; feel free to share them on the comments box below, we value them so much. Help us to share these articles to your friends.

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