Improving self esteem: with simple but effective method

Improving self esteem 

improving self esteem: with simple but effective method

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Daily we partake in many activities, we goes to work, school, class, meet new people, meet new challenges, speak among friend, neighbor, and family we need self-esteem to carry out every day activities excellently, 

By the way self-esteem is the way, we value, see, carry, worth our self. 

When one has little or no self-esteem, it could cause a devastating experience on our career, health and life as a whole.

It makes us to place much value on others, more than we place upon ourselves. You have to build your esteem(Worth) now in other for you to fulfil your full potential has a man.  I used to boast my self-esteem when am feeling low self-esteem.

These are things you can do to build your self-esteem within 14 days, what you need is persistence when you start, try as much as possible to finish each section, before moving to another one. Don’t procrastinate and be tempt to overlook every step.
 Remember that these is your life we are talking about, if you cannot do these for yourself who else will you do them for.

     EXERCISE: Exercise is good for our health and well-being, have a routing on how you will implement your plan, when you exercise they burn out all unnecessary junk in our body and heart and also increase our breathing rate, giving us good body structure, making us to love our stature owns again.

READING BOOKS: read help us a lot in building our esteemand also building our mind, the more books you read the more you will learn and the more you will know of your right as a human being. 

    Whenever you are experiencing low self-esteem, it is because you don’t know much of your right, that’s why you feel let down of yourself. You will also learn from others who are in your shoes before but now have overcomed it.

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  AFFIRMATION: Affirmation is a great technique in building your esteem, it is done by telling and repeating positive things and visualizing it by imagination to yourself, i.e Am a great person, I deserve respect love, peace. I love myself. I deeply and completely love and accept myself. You can say as much as you like but make sure you are at a place that you want get distracted so that it can work wonders.

 EMOTIONAL TECHNIQUES: there are many emotional techniques out there, what they do is to change your negative thought, bad habit and transformed your life for the better. You can try these few *Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Faster eft, thought field therapy(TFT). Within weeks you will be amazed how transformed your life would be. Search them on Google, I have used them and have helped me a lot.

  RELAX: it has a great advantage in our health, after we have exalted our selves, relaxing will make us to be mentally and physically healthy. Boosting our esteem and help us to have a sound health.

LEARN NEW KNOWLEDGE: engage in many activities and enroll now to learn what you have been procrastinating i.e learning musical instrument, joining writers group and so on, learning new things and doing what we love boost our moral and makes these world enthusiast to live.

 RECREATION CENTER: going out for a tour, visiting a cinema Center, tourism center, going to the Zoo and many entertaining places, meeting new friends, makes us to have a good time, it all increase our self-esteem.

Do you know what? You are a special creature, made beautifully and wonderfully by Almighty God? Be proud of who you are.

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