Successful writers method to write a best selling book

  As a writer who are new to writing fiction, non-fiction and other genres, writers are being faced with many challenges like what to write, How to get new idea, how to prolong writing, how to make it interesting, how to create a character, Many how’s can make you to worry, you don’t have to panic that is why these article comes up to overcome these challenges, And after these article you will be able to write a bestselling books if that is your dream, These are 10 things you will need to put into consideration if you want to be a successful author.
#1. Love what you do
#2. Be yourself
#3. Explore new ideas
#4. The new ideas stay with you
#5. Love the process
#6. Learn from rejections
#7. Write down your ideas
#8. Look for ideas you enjoy
#9. Enjoy your creative process
#10. Pass something on
#11. Tell great story

1.LOVE WHAT YOU DO – Love what you do, do what you love, 

 “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do” Steve Jobs.
You got to love whatever you do no matter how hard or easy they are that’s is the first step to be successful not only in writing but in life generally.

2.BE YOURSELFYou can never be another person, you are you, no one can be like you, you are special, Don’t try to write just to please any one, write because it’s what you have passion for, Not that you want to impress or please others, 

It is good to be considerate of others but not to the extreme of pleasing others and putting your life career at stake.

3. EXPLORE NEW IDEAS: You have to leave your comfort zone in other to get new ideas, read new books, go to the gym, go to places where people are and you can get ideas from what they say, in a conversation, meet new people. Inspiration is everywhere; is in the house, school, toilet, under the tree, what you got to do is to tap it and make use of it, if you keep on with the same ideas, opinion, story, people will get tired of your book, because people want new things, new ideas, new story, every day and if you can feel that urge then you are at pathway to success in your writing.

 4. THE NEW IDEA STAYS WITH YOU: After the step that you have gotten a better idea, the next step is that the ideas must stay with you, you will wonder how can that be, it can be by reading your new idea base on your schedule. Because they are still new to you for you to master them you must read them for at least 21 days to form a habit, read, ponder and meditate on them till they stick with you. 

 5. LOVE THE PROCESS: The process may be tough but when you persist, there will be fun in it. Because when you keep on doing it consistently you will form a habit and habit will help you to do them with ease.

6. LEARN FROM REJECTIONS: During the process of exploring; searching for ideas, or    needs some information from people, a group of people, and library they decline you from getting the information, count them as a challenges and move on, don’t let those experience stop you. 

7. WRITE DOWN YOUR IDEAS: after you have gathered much information, you must put them all in a book in other not to forget, knowledge stored in the brain will erased has times goes on, but knowledge put inside a book stayed forever.
8. LOOK FOR IDEAS YOU ENJOY: these is step is necessary because if you don’t enjoy what you are writing, how do you want others to enjoy it. They will feel the mood in which the writer has written the books. If you enjoy it, they will also enjoy it has well, vice versa.

  9. ENJOY YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS: This is not different from step 8 above, enjoying your creativity, value them because that’s the joy of a writer.


10. PASS SOMETHING ON: Writing is like a preaching, pass things that will benefit your reader and make them happy, and they will reward you with buying more of your books and telling about you to their friend and that will make you great in your writing.


11. TELL GREAT STORY: People love interesting story and they hate boring storing, make your writing the best it can be. If you give your reader what they want, they will give you more fame by telling it to others and advertise you without you paying them for it.

12. USE AFFIRMATION AND VISUALIZE SUCCESS: Find a quiet place away from distraction and visualize how you want your writing career should be, feel relax and let those vision pop up, these will help you when the road is tough. Your vision will guide you. 

What other method do you think can make a successful writer? And is not included in these article, which step has impact you positively, have your say and let others learn from it; you can share these article with your friend.


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