How to: create a link in a comment box in blogging

how to create a link to your blog in comment box 

create link in comment box

As a blogger we want to increase the number of traffic of our blog by commenting in others blogger post, in other to gain backlink that will boast our SEO making our blog to gain more audience, and sometimes we are faced with the challenge of commenting and putting the URL of our blog page, that will show a linkable click, you don’t have to panic, i have gone through it before but now am happy to share the methods with you, it’s easy for a new to blogging and it is advisable for a blogger to know little html code, that will go a long way in helping him.

Go to the sites, make sure you write a good comment, in other not to offend anyone, and refer your site link their in other to get backlink.

Press these code inside the comment box: <a href=””>mycoacharticle</a> you can change to your website url and mycoacharticle to the name of the post.

it will show these way;

 it is simple as that.

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